Julio Galindo


1988, Llerena (Badajoz), Spain


The work of ceramist Julio Galindo is a platform from which he proposes a new mythology that explores terms such as the sacred, the spiritual and the religious. His pieces question concepts such as religiosity or sanctity, trying to update these notions from a contemporary point of view. His intention is to show that there is a possibility of finding profoundly existential aspects in our immediate surroundings. This idea undoubtedly goes through elevating to the level of sacred things that are not, but probably should be.


Galindo studied Fine Arts at the University of Seville, where he specialized in Painting and Engraving. From his first contact with ceramics in Florence, his sculptures have been shown in institutions such as the Tomás y Valiente Art Center, Fuenlabrada, Madrid; La Carolina Cultural Centre in Jaén or Medici-Riccardi Palace in Florence.