Kang Haoxian : Eye of Medusa

15 December 2022 - 4 February 2023


‘Eye of Medusa’ the second solo show by Kang Haoxian (China, 1989) at the gallery. Kang Haoxian’s works are inspired by the atmosphere of Los Angeles, where the artist lived for a while. In his own words “Los Angeles is a place to party for everyone of any hierarchy. It became the spur to my passion that I should paint the nocturnal animals still vivid in my memory. They are all tanned, chic, crazily in love with all kinds of novel pleasures in a party. No matter what their real life may be, they are always fooling around, overindulging themselves, or just being moody wherever there is a party. For them, there are no rules but to follow the instincts.”


Installation Views